Kashmir’s Electricity Crisis: Dr. Amir Rashid Wani calls for immediate action

SRINAGAR [Danish Naseer] (KIMS) — Dr. Amir Rashid Wani, a notable Peace Socio-Political Activist and Chairman of Mooj Kasheer Welfare Trust, has voiced serious concerns regarding the worsening electricity situation in the Kashmir Division.

His statement addresses the persistent issue of unplanned power cuts, exacerbated by the harsh winter conditions, and highlights the gap between promises made by the Power Development Department (PDD) and the reality on the ground.

Despite a new curtailment schedule introduced by the PDD, irregular implementation has led to widespread outages, especially after recent snowfall.

Dr. Wani urges the PDD to take immediate steps to ensure uninterrupted power supply and dispatch repair teams promptly to affected areas.

He also criticizes hydropower companies, particularly Independent Power Producers (IPPs) like the Chandigarh-based PNR group, for failing to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations. Specifically, he points to the Branwar area where PNR group’s Mini Hydro Electric power plant operates under a BOOT agreement, yet fails to provide promised subsidized power to locals.

Dr. Wani stresses the need for the Administration to address these grievances promptly and comprehensively to enhance electricity services’ quality in the region, particularly during winter. — (KIMS)