In a first, two youths start home sampling collection for patients in Pulwama

PULWAMA (KIMS) — In Pulwama district, two youths Rainu Abdullah and Shah Yasir have embarked an innovative venture that has captured the community’s attention: the launch of a comprehensive home sampling collection service for patients.

This groundbreaking initiative, led by AK Diagnostic Centre located at Circular Road near new Awantipora stand, represents a significant step forward in healthcare accessibility, particularly for individuals with limited mobility or those confined to their beds.

By offering convenient doorstep medical testing, Rainu Abdullah and Shah Yasir are not only addressing a critical need within the community but also showcasing a deep commitment to ensuring equitable access to healthcare services.

Additionally, their pharmacy, Aaeizah Medicate, provides free consultation services to orthopedic patients and also offers home delivery of medicines, particularly in Pulwama district.

Dr. Raashid Manzoor, an orthopedic specialist will be available at Pharmacy every Sunday and Tuesday to offer free consultations to patients. Dr. Muneera Gul will be also available every day after 04:00 pm for FNAC patients.

The positive response from the public underscores the profound impact of this initiative, which promises to redefine healthcare delivery in Pulwama by prioritizing convenience, inclusivity, and patient-centered care.

For queries related to booking of appointment with Doctor and other services of the Pharmacy — Aaeizah Medicate, you can visit the clinic in-person or connect with them through Instagram handle AK Diagnostic Centre — (KIMS)