Manpreet wishes people on the eve of Independence Day

SRINAGAR (Zubair-Ul-Islam) — All India Youth Congress Joint Secretary, Manpreet Singh Mani greeted people of india on the eve of 77th Independence Day.

Mani said, “As we commemorate Independence Day, we honor the struggles and sacrifices of those who fought for our nation’s freedom. This day stands as a testament to the enduring principles of liberty, democracy, and human rights that have shaped our country. It’s a time to come together, transcending political differences, and celebrate the unity that underlies our diversity.”

“In a world of evolving challenges, let us renew our commitment to a nation where every citizen’s voice is heard and respected. As we raise our flags, let’s also raise our aspirations for a future marked by collaboration, understanding, and progress. May our political discourse be characterized by civility and a shared dedication to the common good,” he said.

“Happy Independence Day, a day to cherish our democratic heritage and work collectively towards a brighter, inclusive tomorrow,” he said. — (VEN)