Massive turnout at PDP Candidate Waheed Para’s poll rally in Pulwama

PULWAMA — There was a gathering and a procession in Wasoora village here on Wednesday as people came out in large numbers to participate in a poll rally, unseen till a few years ago due to the threat of militancy.

They were attending PDP’s Srinagar Lok Sabha seat candidate Waheed Para’s campaigning in the village, around 50 kilometres from Srinagar.

Villagers embarked on the procession from Tahab to Chandgam, around 4 kilometres apart and an area previously heavily monitored by security forces to counter local and foreign militant threats.

Addressing the crowd from a tipper truck, Para urged the people to exercise their voting rights in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections scheduled for May 13 and emphasized the importance of civic participation.

“I am not here to criticise any political party, be it the National Conference, Congress or the BJP. Vote for me if you believe in my work, or choose a candidate who aligns with your values.

“The key message remains the same — exercise your right to vote,” Para, who faces legal challenges linked to alleged militant activities, said during his address.

Ever since Para has been nominated by the PDP, he has been holding roadshows and Wednesday’s event was a spontaneous one without any preparations.

“I am amazed at the people’s response and I am sure that democracy will live in this country,” he said.

Pulwama has become a part of the Srinagar Lok Sabha constituency after the delimitation process was completed last year. Earlier, it was a part of the Anantnag Lok Sabha seat. — (PTI)