Meet Aayat Fayaz — A budding multi-talented painting, calligraphy artist from Anantnag

ANANTNAG [Sheikh Nadeem] (KIMS) — Aayat Fayaz, a 14-year-old gifted artist who excels in making beautiful wall hangings, painting stunning artworks, and creating elegant calligraphy.

Aayat, hailing from Mir Danter area of Anantnag district discovered her love for art, which grew into a passion for expressing herself through various mediums.

Her wall hangings are intricately designed, adding charm to any space they adorn. Her paintings are vibrant and captivating, capturing the beauty of nature and imagination. Her calligraphy is elegant and precise, adding a touch of sophistication to her work.

Aayat, a student at Scholars Scientific Institute in Moominabad Anantnag is supported by her family especially by parents and her friends Saniya and Maviya in this journey.

Aayat in her message to others said, “Believe in yourself and never be afraid to express your creativity. Let your passion guide you and your imagination soar. Remember, every stroke of the brush, every curve of the pen, is a reflection of your unique voice in the world of art.”

“Remain steadfast in your path, away from evil deeds, and remember that everyone has the potential to excel in their chosen field. Let your passion drive you towards greatness, not only for yourself but also for the honor and happiness of your family,” she said. — (KIMS)