Meet Faizul Manzoor, first Kashmiri vlogger girl of Kashmir

SRINAGAR — A 20-year-old girl from summer capital Srinagar is making videos and uploading them on different media platforms to promote tourism in Kashmir.

Faizul Manzoor (20), a resident of Mehjoor Nagar, Srinagar, who is pursuing BSc has so far made over 50 videos of different places of Kashmir to give a message to people of world that Kashmir is very safe place to visit.

Faizul, said that she is making travel vlogs, fashion vlogs, food vlogs as her aim behind that is to attract people so that they will come Kashmir and give them a positive message that Kashmir is safer place to visit.

“I have made around 50 vlogs and after uploading these vlogs people from different parts and world contacted me and enquired more about such places. Many tourists have intended to visit Kashmir after watching vlogs,” she said. “If I don’t upload videos for some time, people from outside Kashmir start texting me and request me to upload something so that we too can go through the beauty of Kashmir.”

Faizul said that she has seen so many people making vlogs which inspired her and after which she started making vlogs and at present many people especially local girls contact her as they too want to learn about it and make vlogs.

She is now known to people through her YouTube channel “Faizul Vlogs”.

“People join vlogging to earn money but that is not my concept and anyone who is interested in vlogging must carry it as a passion not to earn money,” she said.

She added that making vlogs gives her confidence about facing the camera and there are obstacles in every profession and passion. “So one must know how to face challenges and overcome them and then he or she can achieve any goal in life.” — (KNO)