No records received about Qard-e-Hasanah yet: Darakhshan Andrabi

SRINAGAR — Jammu and Kashmir Waqf Board chairperson, Darakhshan Andrabi on Saturday said that there is no record available about Qard-e-Hasanah given to the people so far, while she has made efforts to get the record about it, but it has not been received as yet.

Andrabi said that new agreement fixed by Waqf Board is being implemented and the shopkeepers holding Waqf shops are visiting the office to follow the procedure.

“All the shopkeepers are visiting the office simultaneously to follow through the procedure of new agreement,” she said.

On being asked about Eidgah, she said that Masjid is meant for prayers only. “Is it possible to play in the Masjid,” she asked. — (KNO)