Renowned Advocate Aditya Gupta joins PDP

SRINAGAR — Aditya Gupta, a renowned advocate on Saturday joined People’s Democratic Party at its Srinagar Headquarters.

Aditya was welcomed into PDP by the party President, Mehbooba Mufti.

Aditya after formally joining PDP said, “Joining PDP is my first step towards the fight for restoring the dignity and rights of the people of erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir. Historically, J&K has been one of the prosperous regions in the entire subcontinent and for decades has fared at top in most of the developmental and economic indicators across whole India. However, with the onset of divisive plans being implemented in J&K, the erstwhile state has gone down vis-a-vis many parameters like those indicating the employment rates, inflation rates, freedom of press and democracy & political participation.”

Aditya, who previously practised law at the J&K High Court believes that the changes introduced in August 2019 to erstwhile Dogra state have undermined the unique identity of J&K.

“The trifurcation of J&K was a direct assault on our uniquely viable economy, culture and identity. The Maharaja had succeeded in carving out a secular state from three distinct sub regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. And this secular and economically viable character of J&K got seriously damaged in 2019 and afterwards.”

Aditya while reacting to some recent happenings in J&K also said, “Post 2019 we are witnessing scams in every government recruitment. The youth instead of being employed are forced to protest on streets. Our jobs and land have been opened up for outsiders. All these measures are going to further alienate & downgrade the people of J&K. Thus, it is the duty of every state subject of the erstwhile state to join hands and participate in peaceful and dignified restoration of our unique identity and our rights.”

The party President, Mehbooba Mufti hoped that inclusion of Aditya would strengthen PDP especially in Jammu and would help in putting up a unified voice for the sake of all J&K. — (KIMS)