Srinagar records highest Maximum temperature in January after 14 years

SRINAGAR (KIMS) — Due to prolonged dry spell, Srinagar, the Summer capital of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir on Saturday recorded highest maximum temperature in the month of January after 14 years.

According to Meteorological Department, many stations of Jammu and Kashmir recorded 6-8°C above the normal temperature.

Srinagar recorded 15.0°C as the Maximum temperature today. It was 2nd highest Maximum temperature recorded in the month of January in Srinagar since last 50 years, the Meteorological Department said.

Previously, the highest Maximum temperature in Srinagar was recorded 17.2°C on January 23, 1902, it said.

Meanwhile, the independent weather forecaster, Faizan Arif said, It is the 6th highest Maximum temperature recorded in Srinagar since 1892.

He said, “The Maximum temperature previously recorded in Srinagar was 15.1°C on January 23, 2003, 15.5°C on January 9, 1976, 15.7°C on January 31, 2001, 15.8°C on January 25, 2010 and 17.2°C on January 23 1902.” — (KIMS)