Tourism boom in Kashmir as record breaking number of visitors flock to the Valley

SRINAGAR [Aadil Jahangir Najar] (KIMS) — In a landmark achievement, the popular tourist destination of Kashmir has broken all previous records this year, attracting a massive influx of tourists. The increase in tourism can be attributed to the efforts of the Union Territory (UT) administration in providing a peaceful atmosphere for visitors.

Kashmir, often referred to as ‘Paradise on Earth’, has been a preferred destination for domestic as well as international tourists for its breathtaking landscapes, serene lakes, and snow-capped mountains. However, due to the turbulent past and occasional unrest in the region, tourism suffered a major hit in recent years.

The UT administration took the responsibility to change this narrative and worked tirelessly to create a favorable environment for tourism. Their efforts paid off this year when an unprecedented number of tourists flocked to the picturesque valley. The tourists were not only domestic but also from countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia, among others.

Providing a peaceful atmosphere was the key strategy employed by the UT administration to revive tourism in Kashmir. They implemented strict security measures to ensure the safety of visitors. This included deploying additional security personnel in tourist hotspots, improving the surveillance system, and setting up numerous checkpoints to maintain law and order.

Another significant step taken by the administration was the establishment of tourist help centers at various locations across Kashmir. These centers provided assistance to tourists, guiding them throughout their visit and addressing any concerns they may have had. The UT administration also launched a helpline specifically dedicated to assisting tourists, which further boosted their confidence in visiting the region.

Infrastructure development was also an essential aspect of the tourism revival plan. The UT administration invested heavily in upgrading and maintaining the existing infrastructure to cater to the needs of the growing number of tourists. Roads were widened, hotels were renovated, and facilities for adventure sports were introduced to enhance the overall experience for visitors.

Moreover, the UT administration collaborated with local tourism stakeholders to promote Kashmir as a safe and desirable destination. They organized promotional events, showcased the rich cultural heritage of the region, and highlighted the various tourist attractions through social media and other platforms.

The improved connectivity to Kashmir also played a pivotal role in attracting a larger number of tourists. The administration worked on enhancing air, road, and rail connectivity to the valley, making it more accessible to travelers from different parts of the world. This not only increased convenience but also encouraged more people to venture into the region.

The surge in tourism has not only benefited the area economically but has also brought about a positive change in the perception of Kashmir. It has reassured people that Kashmir is indeed a safe place to visit and has immense potential as a tourist destination.

The UT administration deserves commendation for its relentless efforts in reviving tourism in Kashmir. Their proactive approach, along with the establishment of a peaceful atmosphere and improved infrastructure, has yielded tremendous results. The record-breaking number of tourists this year is a testament to the success of their endeavors.

As tourism continues to flourish in the region, it is crucial for the UT administration to sustain the positive momentum and build on this success. Consistent efforts are required to maintain the peace and security in Kashmir, as well as to further boost infrastructure and promote the destination to a wider audience. With the right strategies and continued dedication, Kashmir has the potential to become a global tourism hotspot and contribute significantly to the overall development of the region. — (KIMS)

Author: Aadil Jahangir Najar from Pulwama.
Aadil runs Tour and Travel Agency and is exploring unhidden places in Kashmir