Universal theory of relativity and natural philosophy by Kulgam youth

For the normal people like us everything was managed.we only know that after day there is night and vise versa.what is happening in universe this is the main question.

What happen before the big bang!How this whole nature exist.


This model explains the whole anotomy of the big bang.The travel of the sun at the center of the solar system and the movement of planets and other massive bodies like a spring.The spring explains the force and the direction of massive bodies.

What happen if a the planets and the sun are in rest just not moving!There will be no gravity to experience.But what happen when they start vibrating(Motion/rotation etc) there atoms.Then the experience of gravity is for sure.

How the string work’s!

In space gravity is bill, but what happen when a massive body is launched in space! Force of gravity arises there.The force acts on the body is the force produced from the string’s which arise from the origin means from the center of the core of God’s mind which we call as the core of sun.

During the beginning of the universe it is not just big bang which happen and gave birth to universe but it is the expansion of the string with all the bodies present in cosmos.

What will happen with the universal gravity string! Is it will take the phase of relaxation then all the direction happen in the cosmos will take an anti process.

The great thing here is direction’s will all take a change.

Then the idea of space time arises!Here what I got is there is no difference between the time direction and direction of space. But the thing is in the real space time,in which events are labeled by real values of the time coordinate it is easy to tell the difference.The time direction lies with in the light cone and space direction lie outside

This is the model which explain it all.

“I named this notionas ‘model of universal gravity string'”


To know the law of nature I must have to know the mind of God

As, Hawking was approched there but ended with an incomplete theory.

Such thing are extracted from nature itself and I did with it, Before our universe was created there was something that had happened to have created the universe. The big bang theory was a major part of why the universe was created. There are so many things that had to be contributed to the big bang theory. We don’t really know what will happen to our universe in the future but we can make predictions about it and we can use evidence and justifications to predict what will happen.

The Big Bang Theory is the leading explanation about how the universe began.

As every physist knows!

The sun, although it is in the middle of the Earth’s orbit, it is not in the exact center of the Earth’s orbit. The distance of the Earth from the sun varies as the Earth revolves around the sun. At its closest point the Earth is about 91,000,000 miles from the sun, and 95,000,000 miles from the sun at its farthest point. This makes the mean distance of the Earth from the Sun about 93,000,000 miles.What may seem strange to people in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth is that the Earth is closest to the sun in the winter and farthest from the sun in the summer.

But what is the gratefulness of sun is it is the base of nature and the laws of nature which lies in the core of God’s mind.

The great this about the parallization of time is it opereats in an empty space.The concept of Albert Einstein about the space time curvature (in simple word’s MATTER TELL’S SPACE HOW TO CURVE AND SPACE TELL’S MATTER HOW TO MOVE).

But the thing here is there happened some great mad thing’s with time.

The concept of time arises from here is “Time is relative”;ALBERT EINESTINE

Which violated the Issac Newton’s concept about time “TIME IS ABSOLUTE”;ISSAC NEWTON

BUT THE THING IS WHAT HAPPENS TO THE TIME IN SINGUALARITY and what will happen with time at the corner of universe if we found it! What happen to the processes if we experience them all in these space’s at the same time.The possible way to experience this is if we can take travel thrugh a black hole. Which is ot possible still.


So, let’s take a trip of space and black hole.

What happen with time while travelling in space! The concept here is the body is travelling through an empty space that mean’s parllel to the time as the concept is mentioned above.

Then now take a trip of black hole! What happen!

The belief arise here is the body is going away from the empty space or parllelization of time.

The value of time for the body will decrease not because of time as mentioned in

‘general theory of relativity’ but because of the farness of body from the parllel time and the body experience difference in time as compared to space.

So,the time is neither relative nor absolute!


Double spectrum of nature

‘Suilbts death constant’

The death be placed in the core of God’s mind where the double spectrum’s Collide to vanish the existence.

Explination of a star collapse to form a black hole(death of star to form a back hole)

Each observer has his own measure of time.The time for some one on a star having absolute space and someone at any distance with absolute space will experience same event at different relative times.

Experiencing this event from at the center of the same star where this event happen is the process of Absolute-relative time.Where the time is absolutely relative with the process with absolute space.

THE Beginning of universe gave birth to billion’s if natural process then the cocept of death arises there.


And DPT=0

Just if a body fall’s in the wormhole and avoid to hit the singularity and come out in the other region of universe.

This form will gave birth to a “double spectrum of nature”.

This form of spectrum can take place in ‘nill space’ represnted as “⟆” Called as suilbts death constant.

This spectrum is just like the death of star and beginning of black hole.

Where T=∞

And DPT=0 or ∞.


Time operates just like a align arrow that leads with the increase with entropy with time which I called as Time Align.There are Four Align’s of time.

First is in which the entropy of time increases and lead Toward’s the approaching (FUTURE).

Second is in which we the universe has notion of time lead’s to existance,Third is The Suilbts Time Align which lead’s to the exhaustance of core of God’s mind and Fourth is the existance of time itself which I called as God’s Time Align.

Universal theory of relativity and natural philosophy by Suhail Ibn Shahnawaz, an 18-year-old youth from Khul, DH Pora Kulgam