Waheed-ur-Rehman Para greets people on Shab-i-Miraj

SRINAGAR (KIMS) — On the eve of Shab-i-Miraj, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Youth Leader Waheed-ur-Rehhman Para has extended his warmest greetings and heartfelt felicitations to all the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that this blessed occasion marks the miraculous journey of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from the Holy Kaaba to Baitul Muqaddas and his subsequent ascent to the heavens.

“Shab-i-Miraj serves as a powerful reminder of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) unwavering faith, his connection with the divine, and the importance of seeking knowledge and spiritual enlightenment. It is a night for reflection, prayer, and reaffirming our commitment to the teachings of Islam,” he said.

“May this auspicious occasion bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to our beloved land. Let us pray for the well-being of all and for the strength to overcome challenges with unity and faith,” he said. — (KIMS)