“Why didn’t you ask for permission?”: Coaching center teacher thrashes student in Srinagar

Srinagar: A teacher at the private coaching center in Srinagar has thrashed a student garnering anger towards the said teacher on social media from netizens.

A video of the act has gone viral on the social media. In the video, a teacher who has been identified as Fayaz Ahmad Zewali, can be seen slapping a student repeatedly even as the student does not react, “Permission mangni thi (Did you seek permission?) is what the teacher who teaches Chemistry at a coaching centre in Parraypora area of Srinagar, can be heard asking the terrified student.

Social media users have called for action against the said teacher.

“This Brutality by Fayaz Ahmad Zewali who happens to teach chemistry at Hope classes parraypora is Unacceptable. How can a teacher be abusive like this? This is insane. Requesting @AsadamAijaz @Junaid_Mattu to take strict action.” Jammu and Kashmir students Association, Spokesperson Nasir Khuehami wrote on his Twitter handle

Some have vouched for legal action, “Legal action must be taken against this man for thrashing a young student. This is illegal and must stop. Great job whoever took this video. This is exactly how fist-wielding “teachers” should be brought to account.

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