Al-Ansar foundation provides vital support amid intense flood situation in Rajpora

PULWAMA (KIMS) — In response to the intensifying flood situation in New Colony Rajpora and surrounding areas, the Al-Ansar Foundation J&K Rajpora team, led by their Secretary and Chairman, undertook a crucial visit on April 29, 2024.

Arriving at 6:30 pm, the team assessed the gravity of the situation firsthand, witnessing the challenges faced by the local inhabitants.

During their visit, the team issued vital advisories to residents residing near flood channels, emphasizing the importance of remaining cautious and vigilant.

They urged the community to promptly reach out to the foundation in times of need, ensuring swift assistance and support during emergencies.

Recognizing the potential risks posed by the escalating flood situation, the Al-Ansar Foundation reaffirmed their commitment to standing in solidarity with the affected communities.

Their proactive engagement and outreach initiatives underscored the organization’s dedication to safeguarding lives and property amidst natural disasters.

Furthermore, the visit highlighted the Foundation’s proactive approach to disaster management, prioritizing community welfare and safety.

As the flood situation continues to pose challenges, the Foundation’s presence and support serve as a beacon of hope, offering reassurance and assistance to those in distress. — (KIMS)