Meeting addresses challenges faced by J&K Bank in Pulwama, Shopian

PULWAMA (KIMS) — A significant meeting convened by the J&K Bank Officers Association Kashmir focused on the challenges confronting the banking sector in Pulwama and Shopian districts.

Attended by a substantial number of officers, the session received insights from central-level leadership in Srinagar, delving into the multifaceted issues affecting both the staff and clientele within these districts.

Riyaz Ahmed Bhat, the President of the Association, underscored the evolving challenges within the banking industry at national, regional, and bank-specific levels.

He emphasized the Association’s stance that the primary objective of J&K Bank should remain rooted in socio-economic development rather than mere profit maximization.

Bhat’s address reaffirmed the commitment of the Association towards enhancing customer service and fostering local development initiatives.

Bhat urged local leaders to bolster the efforts of bank officers in catering to the needs of the local clientele effectively.

Encouraging a proactive approach towards community development, he emphasized the importance of providing exemplary customer service to fulfill the bank’s broader vision of public welfare.

The meeting also served as a platform to honor senior members who are approaching retirement from their services at J&K Bank.

The felicitation ceremony acknowledged their contributions to the bank and highlighted their invaluable role in its journey towards socio-economic progress.

Mufti Shujat, the General Secretary of JKBOA(K), reiterated the Association’s unwavering commitment to the socio-economic development of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh Union Territory.

This commitment, he stressed, should supersede the pursuit of profit and remain the cornerstone of the bank’s operations.

The meeting concluded with a call for concerted efforts towards implementing forward-looking strategies that prioritize the holistic development of the region while ensuring the continued prosperity of J&K Bank and its stakeholders. — (KIMS)