Blood Donation Camp Held in Tral by Indian Youth Congress National Secretary Manpreet Singh Mani

SRINAGAR — In a remarkable display of community service, a blood donation camp was organized in Tral by Indian Youth Congress National Secretary Manpreet Singh Mani. The event was significantly highlighted by the presence of J&K Congress Vice President Surinder Singh Channi, whose participation and support added immense value to the initiative.

The camp was held to commemorate the birth anniversary of Rahul Gandhi, reflecting his enduring love and support for the people of India. The event served as a tribute to Gandhi’s commitment to social welfare and public health, principles he has consistently championed throughout his political career.

Channi Singh, a prominent leader in the state, graced the occasion and actively participated by donating blood alongside his family members. His involvement not only set an inspiring example for the local community but also underscored the Congress party’s dedication to humanitarian causes.

Addressing the gathering, Channi Singh expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the donors and the organizers. He spoke about the critical importance of blood donation in saving lives and meeting emergency medical needs. Channi Singh emphasized Rahul Gandhi’s vision of a healthy and united India, encouraging more citizens to participate in such benevolent efforts.

Manpreet Singh Mani, the organizer of the camp, lauded Channi Singh’s presence and contribution, noting that it significantly boosted the morale of the volunteers and participants. Mani highlighted the camp’s success in collecting a substantial amount of blood, attributing it to the enthusiasm and dedication of the community, inspired by leaders like Channi Singh and Rahul Gandhi.

The event saw a large turnout of donors, including many who were motivated by the ideals and leadership of Rahul Gandhi. The blood donation drive not only honored his birthday but also reinforced the spirit of unity and collective responsibility towards healthcare.

Other dignitaries present were Shoaib Magray VP JKPYC, Mir Saproo GS, Suba Gojer Distt President and others.

Overall, the blood donation camp in Tral was a triumph, with Channi Singh’s involvement playing a pivotal role in its success. The event stood as a testament to Rahul Gandhi’s enduring impact and the Congress party’s unwavering commitment to serving the people of India.