Ex-MC President Pulwama writes to LG, Urges road widening to ease traffic congestion

PULWAMA (KIMS) — Former President of the Municipal Committee in Pulwama on Monday wrote a letter to the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Manoj Sinha, urging him to wide road from Khar Kadal to Animal Husbandry in Malikpora locality of the town in order to ease traffic congestion which has become a plague and provide better connectivity to the locality which will help in economic growth of the area.

“We, the residents of Malikpora, Pulwama, earnestly appeal to your esteemed office for the widening of the road from Khar Kadal to Animal Husbandry. This stretch of road serves as a lifeline for approximately 2000 households in our community, providing essential connectivity and livelihood opportunities. However, its current state poses significant challenges, notably traffic congestion, which plagues Pulwama town,” Former President of the Municipal Committee Pulwama wrote in a letter.

“The proposed road widening project holds the potential to alleviate up to 90% of the traffic congestion issues in Pulwama town. By facilitating smoother vehicular movement, it will not only enhance accessibility but also mitigate the associated economic losses and inconvenience endured by commuters and residents alike,” reads the letter.

“Moreover, the expansion of market opportunities resulting from improved infrastructure will catalyze economic growth and job creation, particularly addressing the pressing issue of youth unemployment in Malikpora. By fostering entrepreneurship and attracting investment, this initiative will empower our youth to contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic fabric of our region,” it read.

“In light of the profound benefits that the proposed road widening project promises to deliver to our community, we humbly beseech your intervention and support. Your decisive action in this matter would not only enhance our quality of life but also signify your commitment to fostering inclusive development and prosperity across Jammu and Kashmir,” it added. — (KIMS)