“I’m put under house arrest ahead of Pattan visit” says Mehbooba, police clarifies

SRINAGAR — Menbooba Mufti on Wednesday said that she has been put under house arrest by authorities ahead of her visit to Pattan.

Mehbooba said that she is under house arrest for simply wanting to visit Pattan for a worker’s wedding.

In a tweet, former Chief Minister said, “While HM is going around Kashmir beating drums of normalcy, I am under house arrest for simply wanting to visit Pattan for a worker’s wedding”.

“If an ex CM’s fundamental rights can be suspended so easily, one cant even imagine the plight of a commoner,” she said.

Meanwhile, Srinagar Police has issued a clarification and said there are no restrictions of any kind on her. She is free to travel.

Srinagar Police in a tweet said, “It is clarified that no restriction of any kind travel to pattan, travel to pattan was at 1 pm as intimated to us”.

“The picture tweeted by her is of inside of the gate with own lock of residents who stay in the bunglow,” the tweet said, adding, “there is no lock or any restrictions. She is free to travel”.

Mehbooba while rejecting police’s claim of no restrictions on her travel tweeted, “I was informed last night by SP Baramulla @bhatray that I wouldn’t be allowed to travel to Pattan. Today @JmuKmrPolice have themselves locked my gates from inside & are now lying through their teeth”.

“Sad that law enforcement agencies are brazenly trying to cover up their tracks,” she said. — (KIMS)