India became ‘vishwaguru’ in snatching jobs in last 9 years: Mallikarjun Kharge

NEW DELHI — Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge on Friday targeted the Centre over growing unemployment and said that under the BJP, India has become ‘vishwaguru’ in snatching jobs.

In a tweet Kharge said, “In the last nine years, the Modi government has become a ‘Vishwaguru’ in snatching the employment of crores of youths.”

He said adding a video which highlighted the failure of the government in providing jobs to youths.

The video highlighted that the government promised to provide two crore jobs to youths every year. “Did the government provide jobs to 18 crore youths of the country?

In the video, it also said that only 40 per cent youths look for jobs while 60 per cent of youths are dependent on others’ income.

It also said that the unemployment rate is at a 45 year high and 63 per cent Indians between 20 to 24 age group are unemployed.

It also said that as per the CMIE survey, the unemployment rate climbed to four-month high in April this year.

Taking potshots at the Modi government, the Congress in its video alleged that unemployment doubled in the last nine years and India has become ‘vishwaguru’ in snatching jobs.

“The country has been suffering for the last nine years,” the video added.

Earlier in the day, Congress also launched a booklet, titled ‘9 saal, 9 sawaal’ to highlight the failures of the government in the last nine years and asked nine questions to Prime Minister Marendra Modi. — (IANS)