Javid Rahim Bhat tours Rajpora Constituency, listens to grievances

PULWAMA (KIMS) — DDC Member Pulwama 2, Javid Rahim Bhat, toured various villages in the Rajpora Constituency today. He interacted with residents, monitored developmental projects, and listened to their grievances.

During his visit to the villages of Wasmarg, Thokerpora, Kamrazipora, and Rahmoo, people welcomed him with flowers.

In Wasmarg, a public meeting was held where residents voiced their grievances and praised Javid Rahim Bhat for his efforts in upgrading and improving their roads.

In Thokerpora, villagers requested an irrigation canal for their horticultural and agricultural lands, which the DDC member assured would be fulfilled soon.

In Rahmoo, meetings were held with the youth, who demanded the cleaning of streams in the village. They were assured that this issue would be addressed on a priority basis.

DDC Member Javid Rahim Bhat has gained popularity for effectively addressing people’s issues, especially over the past few years. — (KIMS)