Kehkashan Anjum highlights modernization initiatives for Labor Force in Pulwama

PULWAMA [Mudasir Maqbool] (KIMS) — Kehkashan Anjum, State Engagement Officer for the National Skill Development Corporation under the Ministry of Skill Development, Government of India, visited IGC Lassipora Pulwama, the largest industrial estate in J&K. Her visit was aimed at raising awareness among skilled and unskilled laborers about the various central government schemes designed for their benefit.

The government is prioritizing the modernization of the labor force by offering basic training in modern technology and providing modern tool kits through the PM Vishwakarma scheme. This initiative supports the labor force, and the administration is actively working to implement it effectively.

In Pulwama district, the government and administration are making concerted efforts to ensure these benefits reach the local labor force. IGC Lassipora, as the largest industrial estate in the Union Territory, employs thousands of skilled and unskilled laborers.

The government intends to fully implement the PM Vishwakarma scheme in this industrial estate. To this end, the state engagement officer visited the estate to provide firsthand knowledge about these schemes, ensuring the laborers understand and can benefit from the centrally sponsored programs.

Kehkashan Anjum underscored the government’s commitment to supporting both skilled and unskilled labor forces.

She emphasized the importance of raising awareness about these centrally sponsored schemes, which is why officers are visiting various areas to provide on-ground information.

Anjum stated that the department would provide basic training and tool kits to all laborers at IGC Lassipora and strive for 100% implementation of the scheme in the Union Territory of J&K. — (KIMS)