Rutba Bilal — A budding Calligraphy artist from Anantnag

SRINAGAR (Ess Nadeem/Zubair-ul-Islam) — Rutba Bilal, hailing from Khanabal area of Anantnag district in South Kashmir is one of the youngest Calligraphy artist in the district.

Rutba, a 14-year-old girl is a student of Class 9th at Scholars Scientific Institute in Anantnag. She developed her interest in Calligraphy two years ago by impressing cousin brothers art and Skills.

Rutba said that people are showing interest in this art and she wanted to take this forward through her talent and guidance from her cousin brother. “I developed an interest in this art. I started drawing and people started liking it. I don’t want this art to die so I decided to pursue this with the help and support of my family,” she said.

“My Cousin brother used to do Calligraphy and I liked it so much so that I decided to take his legacy forward in this art and started doing Calligraphy. I started this art two years ago when I was studying in 7th Standard. I was able to manage time for studies as well as for making Portraits and Calligraphy,” she said.

“Calligraphy is my passion and I was fully supported by my family members especially by my father (Bilal Ahmad) who is a Shopkeeper by profession. He brought all equipments for me to fulfill my needs to write Calligraphic names,” she said.

Rutba gave a message to her fellow students to pursue the art and show their talent in order to get recognised. “I would like to say that all the people should show their talent as extracurricular activities are equally important as academic studies and other works,” she said

“Everyone one has hidden potential and they need to work upon their talent and make their talent known to whole world and do whatever you want and make your dreams come true,” Rutba said in her message.

She also requested all the parents to support their children so that they can be recognised in various fields.

“It gives happiness to the whole family when we do this art (Calligraphy) happily and we have full support of our family support in pursuing this form of art,” she said. — (KIMS)