Hindus in Delhi’s Brahmpuri asked not to sell properties to Muslims

NEW DELHI — Provocative posters asking Hindus not to sell their properties to Muslims in Delhi’s Brahmpuri have surfaced on social media. The undated posters have been issued in the name of a lawyer Pradeep Sharma.

“All landlords from the Brahmpuri area are informed that they should not sell their houses to Muslims. If you sell them to Muslims, local residents will not allow them to get registered. Then, they will be responsible themselves for it,” reads a poster.

“Any deal will have to be done with Hindu party,” it added.

The provocative posters drew instant condemnation from several quarters with people tagging Delhi Police to take immediate action.

The region was affected by communal violence in February of 2020 that claimed over 50 lives. Several mosques were also desecrated in the anti-Muslim riots triggered by Hindu outfits’ opposition to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests spearheaded by members of the minority community. — (Agencies)