Work hard and crack exam with flying colours – A teacher’s message to young students

SRINAGAR — The students of Class 10th and 12th are going to sit in the Board Examinations in the month of March this year which is just couple of months away.

The students should give sufficient time to each subject according to the time table lying with them and should not worry as their whole syllabus stands completed and they don’t need to go to the coaching centers for the completion of their syllabus.

The notes and study material is available with the students and they should memorize them nicely and work hard to see their boat on the bank.

Citing example of toughest exams like UPSC, he tells students if they ask any pass outs of the said exam, their answer will always be the secret of their success is “Self Study – Self Study Is Best As It Has No Other Option”. By doing self study you concentrate more calmly and memorize in great manner.

He tells students to give right direction to their dreams by focusing on their subjects with the time available to them and should not misuse the precious time to invite any kind of setback to them.

They should take everything in positive manner and give value to each and every minute available with them and should not worry about other things. They should just focus on achieving in their goals and Almighty Allah will help them in achieving wonders.

Besides memorizing, the students must have hold on writing practice as well. He says when you memorize any question, you should write down it on rough note book once or twice as it will be very fruitful in two ways. Memorizing and writing down the same is the best method to memorize and learn things quickly.

As its winter time here, its the best opportunity for you to consume the time in completing and revising the syllabus with ease to make better out from it.

Sheikh Bilal
(Teacher MS Palpora Dailgam)